I Hope You All Are Having A Good Friday!

If not, I hear liberal applications of Easter candy to one’s face helps.

As you might remember, last week I challenged myself to wear one item of thrifted clothing and one item of free clothing every day for 7 days.  However, the question remains – WHY did I set forth that challenge?  Quite simply, to force myself to take stock of my closet, its contents, what I choose to wear, and most importantly, what I choose NOT to wear.

We all have stuff in our wardrobe that makes us think, “huh, I should really wear that.  It’s super cute…” and then we forget all about it.  By giving yourself a clothing/shoe/accessory challenge, you’re compelled to closely examine what you already own, and whether or not you want it residing in your closet(s).

Remember – if you have stuff you don’t feel the urge to don, someone else may want it.  Better still someone else may pay you for it.  So when you have the time and inclination this spring, sort your stuff and get the “I’m never really going to wear these” items to your nearest consignment store.

On to the pictures!  Here’s a sampling of what I DID wear last week:

Monday – freebie purple velvet blazer from Dad and StepMom, freebie long-sleeved T from a clothing swap, thrifted 10 cent Gap tank top (gotta love a good garage sale find!).

Tuesday – thrifted Ralph Lauren cropped blazer for my morning class, freebie blue velvet blazer for my evening class (hand-me-down from my fashionable StepMom).

Wednesday – thrifted long gold chain with medallion, freebie REAL Burberry spring jacket (the best hand-me-down EVER) and tan Stuart Weismann shoes (09’s birthday present).

Thursday – thrifted black suede purse from Nu Look, freebie fitted white T (it will eventually have the Wench Posse log screen-printed on it).

Friday – thrifted fitted turquoise blue T (A friend thrifted it first, but it didn’t fit her, so I bought it off her the next day), freebie AWESOME yellow/grey/black tunic (from the Flickr Swap Shop).

Saturday – thrifted denim jacket (from the last, best Goodwill Garage Sale in Roseville), freebie black tank-style sweater (birthday gift from this year).


Sunday – thrifted black sequin tank-style tunic (got it from a friend’s ‘traveling garage sale’), freebie thong underwear from Victoria’s Secret!  They were a gift with purchase…

This doesn’t even include the free jammies, scarves, and any miscellaneous thrifted jewelry I threw on during the course of the week.  Seriously, I am blessed with AWESOME inexpensive, if not down-right FREE, things to wear.  So the next time I snivel on the Internet ‘I have nothing to wear?’  Feel free to thwap me upside the head.

I’m dying to know – what cool thrifties have you scored lately?

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  1. Tashi
    Posted April 2, 2010 at 2:31 PM | Permalink

    What super stuff! I especially like your blazers and shoes.

    Just today, I scored the thrifty of an awesome brand new hand mixer, never been used, still in the box, for $2.50 at Savers (half off of yellow tickets today, woohoo!). And it works. I had been wanting a hand mixer for a long time. Haven’t had as good of luck with clothing thrifties lately. Seems to go in phases.

    Have a great weekend, all!! :-D

  2. Posted April 4, 2010 at 6:16 PM | Permalink

    We scored some pretty fab stuff for costuming this week. Mostly they are weapons and other such silliness, and sadly no clothing.

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