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It’s almost here!  Black Friday, or rather, Black Thursday and Friday are mere moments away.  But Black Whatever isn’t the only time to shop this week.  There’s also Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday to navigate.  Sound confusing?  Don’t panic.  Here is what you need to know to get the most out of your shopping this week.


First, when do the stores open after (or on) Thanksgiving?

Target. 9 PM on Thursday.  Target’s Black Friday sale goes through Saturday the 24th.

Walmart.  8 PM on Thursday.  Walmart changes what is on sale throughout the night, for example, the electronics sale starts at 10 PM.

Kmart.  6 AM to 4 PM on Thursday.  They win for most intrusive holiday hours.  Yay Kmart.

Sear’s.  8 PM on Thursday, and they are open all night.  Friday morning at 4 AM, Sear’s starts a second round of doorbuster deals.

Toys R Us.  8 PM on Thursday, with over 200 doorbuster deals.

Best Buy.  Doors open at Midnight, but you’ll find online deals during Thanksgiving Day.

Kohl’s.  Midnight Thursday night, until 1 PM on Friday.

For all the Black Friday ads, check out, and


Second, what is Small Business Saturday?  And where should I shop?

According to, Small Business Saturday was started in 2010 by American Express to bring attention to independently-owned small businesses.  Last year, over one hundred million people participated by shopping at their local retailers.

As an incentive, if you are an American Express card holder and shop at a small business on Saturday, November 24th, they’ll give you a $25 statement credit.  You do need to register your card first, so be sure to get online and sign up today.  To register your card, as well as find small businesses near you, log on to and use their handy map feature.


Third, what is Cyber Monday?  And how do I shop?

Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend, and it’s when online retailers hold their big sales.  Also, bricks and mortar stores with an online presence, like Kohl’s and Best Buy, have huge Cyber Monday discounts.  Last year, people spend $1.2 billion on Cyber Monday, and this year an estimated 130 million Americans plan to shop on the 26th.  That’s 1/3rd more shoppers than last year.

If you plan on shopping Cyber Monday, here are a few points to remember:

1.  Online shopping requires shipping.  Check the shipping policies and prices before you buy, to insure you aren’t overpaying and that your items will arrive in time.  Most retailers offer free shipping if you spend over $50 to $75, so it makes sense to concentrate your shopping at one or two web sites.  Or, shop with a friend or two to hit those free shipping minimums.

2.  If you know about Cyber Monday, so does your boss.  Be sure to do your shopping either before you go to work, or on a lunch break.  No discount is worth losing your job.

3.  Keep a running tally of what you are spending.  It’s easier to over-shop online, and you don’t want to max out your credit cards.


So.  Are you shopping this week?  Do tell!


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