SHOP NOW!!!!! Okay, Go To Work First…

…then?  After work?  Hit those post-holiday sales!

1.  Shop the clothing stores for discounts on winter gear.  As Minnesotans, we know winter is here for at least another 4 months (if we’re lucky).  That means buying winter wardrobe items today doesn’t mean they go into a closet for later – they go on your body NOW.

Stores like Old Navy are slashing prices on items like winter coats and sweaters.  You’ll save 50% on online purchases, and 75% on store merchandise now until the end of the year.  Macy’s 2-Day post-Christmas sale ends today, and Target has 50% off their Neiman Marcus collection.  And speaking of Target…


2.  Hit your local big box store for their holiday decorations.  Sure you can stock up on lights and ornaments for next year.  But you should also look for home décor you can use right now.  For example, at Target, “flameless” candles and various candle holders are all on clearance, and these are items that do NOT go on sale often.  Scented candles are on clearance as well, and who is to say your home can only smell winter pine or sugar cookies during the holiday season?

Look for other winter-themed décor like tablecloths and runners, hand towels, picture frames, etc. which will work after the holidays.  You want designs and colors such as deer, owls, snowflakes, pine trees, and white, gold or silver colors.  Even plain red or green items look appropriate, if they’re not covered in Santas or reindeer.


3.  Grab as many gift-sets you can find.  For example, Bath and Body Works is having their semi-annual sale, with 50 to 75% off almost everything.  You can buy items individually, but the big saving are in their discounted holiday gift sets.  Buy the sets with the smells you like, take the products out of their holiday-themed packaging, and reuse them as birthday presents or to stock your own bathroom.  Often times, you can reuse the packaging, too, once you remove the holiday trimmings.

Stores like Walmart and Target also have gift-sets on sale, filled with items like monogrammed handkerchiefs, pocket watches, electronic picture frames and auto-banks (I have one for a sample).  The only thing that makes these gifts holiday-themed is the packaging, so just re-package them in something a little less Santa-like, and they work for birthdays, graduations, or whatever gift-giving opportunity that arises.

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    Now that the weather is starting to chill down, it’s time to indulge in warm winter drinks.  And to me?  That means it’s tea time!  My favorite teas are sold by local tea blender and connoisseur, Mrs. Kelly’s Tea.  You’ll find them online here:

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