Thrift the Trends for Fall

Here are what looks are hot for Fall 2013, and where you can find the look for less.  Leaves not included…


Mid-Heel Dress Shoes:  We’re talking 3 inch heels or less, which means finally comfortable heels are fashionable!  Even though this is the first time I’ve heard this heel height talked about as a trend, I have seen tons of mid-heeled shoes at thrift stores like Savers and consignment stores like TurnStyle.

TIP:  Remember the difference between a thrift store and a consignment store.  Thrift stores take donations, and then sell the donations to earn money for their charitable organizations.  Consignment stores are selling your goods for you, and taking a cut.  Therefore, consignment store fashions tend to be more current and often in better condition, but also at a higher price point.


Long Sleeve Sheath Dresses:  Most thrift stores – Savers, ARC Value Village, and Unique Thrift – have a separate department or racks for dresses, making them easier to shop for.  And as sheath dresses are such a classic style, you will find them on the racks at both thrift and consignment shops.

Menswear-Inspired and Classic Patterns:  These, too are classic styles that are back in fashion for Fall 2013.  Two items to shop for secondhand, to get that menswear/classic pattern look, are blazers and vests.

TIP:  The more timeless the clothing item or style, the more options you’ll find at thrift and consignment stores.  So look for sheaths, herringbone patterns, and boot-cut jeans.


Statement Coats:  Dramatic, over-the-top coats were all over the Fall 2013 runways.  However, the more dramatic an item of clothing is, the less wear it’s going to get!  That means you shouldn’t pay top dollar for this trend.  Instead, hit the racks at thrift stores, consignment stores and also vintage stores like Lula Vintage Wear in St. Paul and Via’s Vintage in Minneapolis.

TIP:  If your vintage coat, or other second-hand item, doesn’t fit perfectly, consider tailoring it.  If you don’t sew, factor in the cost of tailoring – such as replacing a zipper or shortening a hem – before you buy the item.  If you DO sew, easy fixes include changing out buttons, lengthening sleeves, shortening hems and adding darts to waistbands.


Green:  From emerald to olive – green is the It color for 2013.  Look for deep, saturated greens in the shade that best flatters your skin.  Savers and TurnStyle Consignment make it easy to shop for specific colors, as their racks are separated by size, THEN color, making those trendy greens easier to spot.

TIP:  Speaking of green – the green-tagged items at the TurnStyle in Edina are all $2 or LESS.  Plus, many consignment stores like Clothes Mentor are discounting their summer fashions to make way for fall apparel.


Thrift the Trends with The Cheap Chick Giveaway!

Stop by my Facebook Fan Page – The Cheap Chick – and leave a comment on the Giveaway Post.  You’ll be entered to win one of three $50 gift cards to Savers Thrift Stores!  It is our way of celebrating National Thrift Day on August 17th.

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  1. Sarah Schmidt
    Posted August 14, 2013 at 6:44 AM | Permalink

    Goodwill gets Target overruns, so it’s a great way to pick up a great deal on new merchandise and help people at the same time!

  2. maureen
    Posted August 14, 2013 at 10:21 AM | Permalink

    Love savers!!

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    Everyone has their favorite thrift stores, right?  Okay, you do if you love thrifting as much as I do!  Here are the stores where I enjoy popping tags:

    Saver’s in Bloomington – close proximity to Prestigious West Bloomington and Edina equals excellent, higher end thrift scores.  Remember, if you donate?  You receive a 20% off coupon you can use right away!

    Saver’s in Columbia Heights – it’s the nearest thrift store to my house, and they have the NICEST staff of any Saver’s in the TC, in my humble opinion.

    ARC Value Village – For me, ARC is hit or miss.  I either score BIG, or leave empty-handed.  Either way, I always enjoy perusing this tidy, friendly shop.