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The Cheap Chick’s Mail Bag, 4th Quarter 2013

Every week, I get dozens of Facebook messages, emails and Tweets about discounts and deals I just HAVE to check out.  In fact, I’ve received so many fabulous frugal ideas in the last few weeks, I have enough tips to fill two segments – be looking for my Christmas deals special in a few weeks.

Here are the thrifty tips you can’t stop buzzing about:


From our viewers, the Metro Dining Club cards

Here’s how it works.  Order a set of cards for one of the 5 programs around the metro area.  The programs are Anoka/Northwest, Minneapolis, North/Northeast, South of the River, and Saint Paul/Western Wisconsin.  Check Metro Dining’s website to see which restaurants are in which programs.  Metro Dining even has the menus available, to help you pick the right program for you.

Then, for $28, you receive a punch card for each restaurant in that program.  Most programs have approximately 160 restaurants.  Each card has twelve punches, allowing you to eat at each restaurant in your program once a month.  For $28 you get 1,920 punches for one year – meaning you can eat out 5 times a DAY for a YEAR.

Each punch nets you a buy one get one deal.  Buy one dinner, get one free.  Buy one lunch, get one free.  Caveat, you can’t use the cards on major dining out holidays like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, UNLESS the restaurant allows it.  Call the restaurant before you go, which you should do for any discount or deal.


From Facebook, a reminder from Fare For All

I’ve talked about Fare For All before – it’s run by the Emergency Foodshelf Network, who buys food in bulk at wholesale prices, so they can offer it for resale at 40% off grocery store prices.  You can pre-order set food packages, and pick up your package at one of the many drop sites.  Or, you can stop by one of their 25 Fare For All Express locations and pay in cash without pre-ordering.

The big news right now is that Fare For All’s November Holiday Packs are ready to order this week.  Each pack contains a whole turkey, frozen corn, frozen cranberries, pumpkin pie, pork tenderloin or pork roast, a whole chicken, and a ham-steak for just $30!  If you order your Holiday Pack by November 8th, they’ll be ready for pick up at the drop off site.  And remember, this program is open to everyone, and the more people who participate, the better the savings!


And from our own M.A. Rosko, the MN History Pass

According to the folks at the MN Historical Society, the pass “grants Minnesota 6th graders FREE admission to the Minnesota Historical Society’s 26 historic sites and museums statewide now through August 2014. It’s a great way for children to explore Minnesota history during non-school hours.”  Caveat?  You can’t use the pass for field trips or special exhibitions.

Why is MNHS offering this discount?  “This new program has been developed to support the new state academic standards, which designate Minnesota state history and government as the primary focus of 6th grade social studies curriculum.”  To register your student, simply stop by the MNHS site.

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    Love that metro dining club idea, I’ve never heard of it before but it’s a super neat concept. I will have to check that out more. Great post!

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