What are you doing Mother’s Day?


Doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as, “What are you doing New Year’s Eve?”  Eh, well.


Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 11th!  If you have a mom (I do) and you want to celebrate her excellent mommy-ness (I do, too), then let’s get crackalackin’!  Here are some handy, dandy tip-a-roos to get you started.


Tip one, BRUNCH

My mom and I are big fans of brunch.  Our go-to spot is Fat Nat’s Eggs in Brooklyn Park (there are also locations in New Hop and St. Anthony Village), where nothing costs more than $10.  My favorites are the Huevos Rancheros Con Papas Favorito and the Green Chili Huevos.  If that sounds too spicy for your blood, my mom can attest to the OM NOM-ness of Fat Nat’s pancakes.

If buffets are your brunch bag, baby, check out the Chatterbox Pub in Highland Park.  The restaurant was once upon a time a massive Perkins, and has been redesigned to look like your mom’s basement, circa 1985.  Best of all?  Brunch is a mere $11.95 for all you can eat!  And the mimosas?  Are served in large tumblers.  ALL MIMOSAS SHOULD BE THAT BIG.  Good parking, good food, good service, good prices, and REALLY LARGE DRINKS = happy Chick.


Tip two, Farmer’s Market

Make a trip to the Minneapolis or St. Paul Farmer’s Markets and nab a few inexpensive gifts for mom.  There are always lovely bouquets of flowers, starting as low as $5 a bunch.  Or, pick up a hanging basket, ranging from $25 to $35, for flowers that last all summer long.

If you’re at the Mpls Market, stop by Mrs. Kelley’s Tea and treat your mom to the best tea in town.  What goes with tea?  HONEY.   Ames Farms has you covered, with delicious single source honey in a variety of flavors.


Tip three, Donuts

If brunch sounds too played out, and you want to surprise your mom with something new, stop by Glam Doll Donuts (not to far from the Mpls Farmer’s Market!) for a dozen.  Now, I know Glam Doll is not the cheapest place in the world, compared to other donut-eries.  But if you compare the cost of 1 dozen donuts to the cost of brunch for the family?  Then Glam Doll starts looking a LOT more reasonable, price-wise.


Tip four, Travel

You know what my mom love to do?  Explore new places.  Now, I can’t afford to fly her to another country, but I can take her to Midtown Global Market for a multicultural experience.  Just walking through the Market (which is free to do) is a fun time.  Plus, there are tons of inexpensive eateries in case you need a snack.  Or two.  OR TEN.  And parking is free when validated with any purchase.

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  1. Lin Gisselquist
    Posted May 7, 2014 at 10:24 PM | Permalink

    As my most favorite cheap chickey in the world, you know that my Mothers’ Day must include my beloved Katester, now 4, with a newfound affinity for mixing plaid capris, flowered/striped A-line tee shirts and sequined barrettes, some sort of craft project, some sort of baconey goodness and of course, coffee. Kate and Mark will be constructing what, until she announced it to me today was my super secret surprise bluebird house. If my weekend in any way includes cooking shows, fishing or time with my extended family, that will be a bonus! Hope you have fun with your Mom!

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