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Online Shopping – The Cure for Boring Meetings

I SALUTE YOU FOR READING THIS POST! Good Afternoon, my frugal-lovin’ Peeps!  It’s been awhile, I know.  My new job at an undisclosed computer company somewhere in Ramsey County, my ever-expanding costuming hobby, and my LIFE IN GENERAL has kept me… well, running amok these last few months.  But I’m back in the blogging saddle, […] [ Read More… ] 
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VOTE. Please. Thank you!

Please vote today.  I’d love it if you’d vote the way I’M voting, so my guy wins and my stuff passes (or rather, doesn’t pass).  However, I know you’ve made up your minds.  So no political ads on this page to pester you with on Election Day.  Oh.  Except this one:   [ Read More… ] 
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The Computer Ate My Homework

But I still was able to write a piece about back to school shopping. [ Read More… ] 
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Wait for it… Wait for it…

Tonight, after work (and probably after I hit the gym), I plan to do MANY MANY THINGS to this here blog.  So please, if you will, stop back at approximately 9:00 PM Central Time for all the blogging greatness you want to expect from The Cheap Chick Empire.  There will be cookies! [ Read More… ] 
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Weekly Poll

Answer the poll. Win free stuff. [ Read More… ] 
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    Where I Thrift

    Everyone has their favorite thrift stores, right?  Okay, you do if you love thrifting as much as I do!  Here are the stores where I enjoy popping tags:

    Saver’s in Bloomington – close proximity to Prestigious West Bloomington and Edina equals excellent, higher end thrift scores.  Remember, if you donate?  You receive a 20% off coupon you can use right away!

    Saver’s in Columbia Heights – it’s the nearest thrift store to my house, and they have the NICEST staff of any Saver’s in the TC, in my humble opinion.

    ARC Value Village – For me, ARC is hit or miss.  I either score BIG, or leave empty-handed.  Either way, I always enjoy perusing this tidy, friendly shop.