Playing Catch Up… There’s Still Time To Get Organized!

Uff.  Dah.  SO BEHIND ON MY WEBSITE!!!  Thank you all for being patient with me Get Organized for Less Money during National Get Organized Month 1.    Use a hanging shoe rack to store cleaning supplies (and other handy items) in reach for you… and not the kids.  They sell them at Target for $8. 2.    […] [ Read More… ] 
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Frugalutions for 2014

Along with resolving to take better care of your health in 2014, why not also take care of your wealth?  Here are four ways to resolve to be more frugal – Frugalutions! – in 2014:   1.  The January Money Diet.  During all of January 2014, participants try to cut out all nonessential spending.  That […] [ Read More… ] 
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Free Holiday Activites for this December Weekend and Beyond

Need a few ideas of what to do with the family this weekend and next?  Check out these freebies in the Twin Cities…   1.    See Santa in person a.    Bachman’s on Lyndale is presenting their annual free holiday play, Who Crashed Santa’s Sleigh? i.      Saturdays and Sundays, now through December 22nd ii.     Three daily […] [ Read More… ] 
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Hey Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Guess what, Minnesota?!?!?!  IT’S COLD OUT.  NO.  WAY.  Here are some new and exciting ways to stay warm until May.  Or June.  Awwww hell, let’s be honest, until JULY.   Keep your house warmer! Check your fireplace.  Be sure to close the vents and flues when it is not in use.  If you rarely use […] [ Read More… ] 
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From Last Week – Because I Procrastinate Like A BOSS

From last week’s show!  Only a week late!  Yeah…   The Cheap Chick’s Mail Bag, 4th Quarter 2013 Every week, I get dozens of Facebook messages, emails and Tweets about discounts and deals I just HAVE to check out.  In fact, I’ve received so many fabulous frugal ideas in the last few weeks, I have […] [ Read More… ] 
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  • Chosen by The Cheap Chick

    The Cheap Chick's Daily Deal

    Where I Thrift

    Everyone has their favorite thrift stores, right?  Okay, you do if you love thrifting as much as I do!  Here are the stores where I enjoy popping tags:

    Saver’s in Bloomington – close proximity to Prestigious West Bloomington and Edina equals excellent, higher end thrift scores.  Remember, if you donate?  You receive a 20% off coupon you can use right away!

    Saver’s in Columbia Heights – it’s the nearest thrift store to my house, and they have the NICEST staff of any Saver’s in the TC, in my humble opinion.

    ARC Value Village – For me, ARC is hit or miss.  I either score BIG, or leave empty-handed.  Either way, I always enjoy perusing this tidy, friendly shop.