It’s The Least Wonderful Time… Of The Spring…

Do it yourself.


Free Tax Preparation Resources in the Twin Cities

Don’t put off completing your income taxes another day!  There are free tax prep resources all over the Cities, which make the necessary evil of doing your taxes a lot less painful.


Three Free Resources

1.    Minnesota Revenue Department site look-up.

a.    Site looks up free tax prep resources by your zip code, out to a 50 mile radius

b.    Available for anyone who is 60 years or older, disabled, speaks limited or no English, OR has an income of $52,000 or less.

c.     Pro Tip:  Search for the tax prep nearest you that allows you to schedule an appointment, so you know you’ll get to see someone.

2.    For the self-employed, Account Ability Minnesota

a.    Help for independent contractors with no employees.

b.    Available for the self-employed whose household income is $53,000 or less.

c.     Account Ability also provides free tax prep for individuals who make $30,000 or less, and families who make $53,000 or less, per year.

d.    You will need to schedule an appointment, so call today!

3.    For U of M students, VTAP – the Volunteer Tax Assistance Program

a.    Free tax preparation for University of Minnesota students.

b.    They also provide free tax prep for members of the community whose unadjusted gross income is $57,000 or less per year.


What you will need to bring:

1.    Photo ID

2.    Social security cards for all family members on the tax return

3.    Birth dates for all family members on the tax return

4.    Last year’s tax return

5.    Bank routing information for direct deposit

6.    All income statements or forms, like your W-2’s or I-9’s.

Check with the Minnesota Department of Revenue’s website for a complete list of preparations documents you’ll need.

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