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Good Afternoon, my frugal-lovin’ Peeps!  It’s been awhile, I know.  My new job at an undisclosed computer company somewhere in Ramsey County, my ever-expanding costuming hobby, and my LIFE IN GENERAL has kept me… well, running amok these last few months.  But I’m back in the blogging saddle, and I have fresh new content coming your way!

Lately I have been too busy to indulge in my favorite past-time:  bargain shopping at bricks-and-mortar stores.  What’s a Chick to do???  Turn to online shopping during her lunch hour, that’s what!  (Okay, honesty time.  I actually turn to online shopping during boring phone conferences.  And late at night, when I can’t sleep.  And days ending in Y…)

Online shopping can definitely rack up the expenses.  So naturally, being of a thrifty-minded bent, I seek out the steals and deals where I can find them.  Here are my top picks for frugal fabulocity:

1.  Sock Dreams:  Tights, socks of every length, leg warmers – if it can cover your lower extremities, you’ll find it here.  What makes them frugal?  FREE SHIPPING.  ALWAYS.  REGARDLESS OF THE ORDER!!!

2.  eShakti:  I want one of each of their dresses.  Lucky for me, they have an excellent overstock section with lovely sale items.  Add to that frequent sales events, a fabulous return policy and custom sizing, and eSkakti is your one-stop shop for women’s clothing!

3.  Shirt Woot:  I am a big, BIG fan of geeky t-shirts.  They are cute, comfy, and help me fit in at my new job.  Shirt Woot has some of the most fabulous T’s, at excellent prices.  Also check out TeeMagnet for more daily T-shirt offerings.

4.  Arda-Wigs:  Okay, this one is a bit out there.  But remember, Peeps, I am a costumer.  And costumes call for awesome wigs!  If you want the best wig for your buck, Arda is your store.  Their wigs can be heat-styled (rare for synthetic hair), they comb out beautifully, the fibers are soft and non-annoying, the wig caps fit my gigantic noggin…  Best of all?  Their basic wig prices are around $30-40, which is CHEAP for a good, style-able wig.  Second Best of all?  They have the best customer service I’ve ever encountered.  Ever.  Anywhere.

5.  And for lovely browsing for the dullest of conference calls, Shop Goodwill:  It’s thrifting online!!!  Profits go to a good cause!!!  My only complaint?  It’s hard to drill down your search for shoes and clothing – they don’t have sizing options, like eBay does.  But hey, if I can thrift during lunch, and not leave my desk?  I am a HAPPY CAMPER, PEEPS.

Now it’s your turn!  Please share with the group where YOU like to shop online.  And thank you for hanging in there with me.  Best.  Peeps.  Ever.

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    Where I Thrift

    Everyone has their favorite thrift stores, right?  Okay, you do if you love thrifting as much as I do!  Here are the stores where I enjoy popping tags:

    Saver’s in Bloomington – close proximity to Prestigious West Bloomington and Edina equals excellent, higher end thrift scores.  Remember, if you donate?  You receive a 20% off coupon you can use right away!

    Saver’s in Columbia Heights – it’s the nearest thrift store to my house, and they have the NICEST staff of any Saver’s in the TC, in my humble opinion.

    ARC Value Village – For me, ARC is hit or miss.  I either score BIG, or leave empty-handed.  Either way, I always enjoy perusing this tidy, friendly shop.